Ways to use product labels to turn your Shopify store traffic into sales

When browsing through your Shopify store, you need to be able to make them stop scrolling and click through to products that they would want to buy. There are a few ways to grab shopper attention and nudge them to click from attractive product images to strong CTA, to one of the most eye-catching design elements— product labels.

With product labels, you can let shoppers know what’s selling fast, what they would love, what’s on sale, and more. This can be done without having to send them any marketing messages. A product label is shown onto the product image as a sticker and uses attractive colors and a short text to let the shopper know exactly why the product is being highlighted.

These labels aren’t just pretty to look at! Stores that use product labels have a 148% increase in engagement rates and a 15% increase in conversion rate. They are a powerful way to engage with shoppers and provide instant information about the product.

In this blog, we want to help you set up different kinds of product labels and use them to effectively turn your store traffic into sales.

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Different ways to use product labels to turn your traffic into sales 

1. Highlight bestsellers

If some products are selling better than others, you can add a product label with a copy that highlights these bestsellers. This bestseller label helps your shoppers identify products that have been bought and loved by others. This way, you can quickly grab their attention to buy products that they are sure to love!

2. Create urgency for fast-selling products

Do you have certain products that are flying off your (virtual) shelves? Use a label to tag and show your store visitors what’s selling fast. You can add a red-colored product label with a “Selling out” or “Fast-selling” copy. This way, if these shoppers are even slightly interested in the product, they will make a quicker decision to buy the item.

nudge faster purchase decisions with product labels

3. Nudge BOGO sales

If you’re running a BOGO sale, you can make it easier for your deal-hunting shoppers to find products falling under this BOGO deal. Add product labels on products that are eligible for buy-one-get-one deals. Such a label can help your shoppers quickly identify which products they can buy to redeem this deal, making it a fun experience for your shoppers.

This can also help you show new store visitors what discounts and deals are running on your Shopify store without having to explicitly show a pop-up or update your announcement bar copy.

4. Show discounted products

Who doesn’t love discounts? Shoppers online are searching for discounts and with product labels, you can easily delight your shoppers, make them stay on your Shopify store for longer, and turn them into paying customers.

Here are 2 ways to show discounted products with product labels:

  • Add product labels named after your sale like “BFCM discount” or “Easter special” so that shoppers take notice instantly.Use colors associated with the holiday or sale that you’ve set up.
  • If you have multiple discount tiers set up on different products, you can add product labels for each discount tier— “30% off”, “free shipping”, “60% off”, etc. Ensure that each type has a different color. This can also help you create an enriching shopping experience for your sale-loving shoppers.

This way, your shopper will know about your discounts as soon as they land on your store and be more willing to spend time looking through the discounts and finding the ones that they want to buy.

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5. Automatically remind about abandoned products

Cart abandonment is a common problem for every merchant. While there are many ways to effectively tackle cart abandonment, product labels are one on-site optimization that merchants can do. With this, shoppers who abandoned their cart will see a label reminding them that the item is still waiting to be checked out.

You can customize this copy and color to your preference. Copy like “Still in cart” or “Cart offer!” can successfully help you turn the abandoned cart into a purchase.

6. Let shoppers know about featured or popular 

Which products define your brand? Why not bring more attention to them with product labels?

Your first-time store visitors usually land on your Shopify store without much information about what’s great about your store. A product label can allow you to introduce products that are popular or featured by your Shopify store. This way, a new visitor will know which products to look at first and they won’t be lost in the sea of products you have to offer.

Another way to show your brand’s credibility is by adding a product label on products that have won awards. Labels like “Award-winning” are conversational openers. These labels can make your shoppers curious to know more about the product and they’ll be sure to click through and read more about the product.

capture attention with product labels

7. Recommend products that the shopper would like

Recommendations have proven to smartly nudge shoppers to check out products that they would want to buy. Since product recommendations are personalized, the shopper is only shown products they are sure to want or products they previously showed interest in.

Many merchants set up personalized recommendations as emails or as widgets on product pages but why not show it as product labels while the shopper is browsing your store? Add labels like “picked for you” so that shoppers who are already looking through your product will stop browsing and click through to the product. These labels will help your shoppers make quicker purchasing decisions, ensuring you don’t lose out on a sale because the shopper missed the product they were looking for.

8. Put a spotlight on limited editions

If you are selling limited-edition products on your store, you’ll want shoppers to know about it immediately. Using product labels, you can easily highlight these limited-edition products and get your store visitors to click through and check out your exclusive products.

With a label reading “special design” or “limited edition”, your product will get more clicks and sales effortlessly.

9. Inform shoppers about products going on clearance

Many stores still have products from old stocks and have a hard time selling the remaining inventory. If you still have old products you want to move out of your store’s inventory, you need to be able to make shoppers pay attention to these products.

One way to do this is with a product label. Add a label that quickly draws attention to the product. For one, you can make the label color ‘red’ to draw attention to it quickly. You can either use a copy like “60% off” or be straightforward and add a copy like “Last 3 pieces” or “Clearance discount”. Lastly, you must ensure that these products are on the storefront so that new store visitors see it as soon as they land on the store.

10. Show shoppers what others are searching for

Social proof has proven effective in assuring shoppers of the store’s quality and convincing them to buy. Use product labels to provide this social proof. With a label like “Most searched” on products, your shoppers will instantly know what draws other shoppers to your Shopify store and they’ll want to check out these products for themselves.

This label can also make returning shoppers buy a product quicker since they’ll be worried that it’ll go out of stock.

11. Inform them about products with low stocks

If you have a product that has low stocks, you can drive urgency among your shoppers with a product label. With a label like “only 3 left” or “low stocks”, shoppers will make faster buying decisions and shop the item before it runs out.

Such a label can inform your shoppers about product availability beforehand so that they can buy the item and stock up accordingly. This is especially important for essential products or products that the shopper uses every day.

12. Bring attention to new products

Many stores have a hard time getting first-time visitors to check out new products that have been launched on the store. Since new products don’t have many reviews, shoppers will avoid buying it themselves, suspicious that the product is not received well by other shoppers. To avoid this, you can set up a shiny label over the product.

This way, you can inform shoppers that the product is new and they’ll be more willing to check out the product and want to learn more about it.


Get started with product labels! 

Just like any other marketing tactic, product labels are the most effective when backed with a strategy. So think through what your sale strategy is, the products you want to promote and who your customers are.

Your product labels shouldn’t just capture attention but also resonate with what shoppers are looking for, to increase your sales.

The best part about product labels is that you don’t really need any design skills to get started with them. All you need is a Shopify app like ModeMagic.

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