Types of Product Labels To Create Scarcity on Your Shopify Store

Many shoppers often put off buying a product even though they are interested in it. There can be many reasons for it. However, there is one sure-shot way to change a shopper’s mind from “Maybe later?” into “Definitely right now!”. That one tactic to successfully make any shopper buy a product item instantly is— scarcity. 

When you use scarcity messages on your store, your shoppers will feel an impulse to shop immediately rather than leave the product mid-browse for the fear of losing out by not purchasing that product. 

In this blog, we’ll get into how scarcity proves to be an effective tactic and how you can set it up with attractive product labels.

Why Is Scarcity An Effective Tactic?

Scarcity is a tactic where shoppers are informed of a product’s low stocks or high demand, nudging them to make a quicker purchase. 

Ever heard of the term FOMO? ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is a concept that many brands have successfully adopted and implemented on their products to boost sales. Brands add messages like ‘Only 3 hours left’ or ‘Only 3 items left’ to successfully make shoppers buy the product they are interested in.

In fact, 60% of people make purchases because of FOMO, mostly within 24 hours. By adding messages of scarcity on your Shopify store, you can easily convert shoppers and secure more purchases.

How Do Product Labels Help Build Scarcity to Boost Sales?

Product labels are displayed on your product images as shoppers browse through your store. With such an eye-catchy and attractive label, any shopper tends to stop scrolling and pause to take in what the product label conveys. When they see a message which highlights that this product could get scared, they feel compelled to click through and check out its details so that they don’t miss out on a great product due to scarcity.

“With labels, you can amplify your message about a product’s scarcity and ensure your store visitors pay attention and take action instantly.” 

9 Types of Product Labels to Create Scarcity to Increase Shopify Sales

We’ve found 9 kinds of product labels that you can add to your products to highlight it’s scarcity and make shoppers purchase quicker. These product labels are sure to increase Shopify sales!

Pro-tip 1: When adding messages of scarcity, add only 1 or 2 product labels. Too many product labels about scarcity will show shoppers that it is actually a gimmick that you have set up. 

Pro-tip 2: Never try to fool your shoppers! Conveying false information can also bring your credibility down so make sure the products you have highlighted are in some way scarce due to their high sell-through rate or limited stocks!

1. Almost Gone

Product labels like ‘Almost Gone’ can help you catch shoppers’ attention. Shoppers will see that the product is about to go out of stock and will be tempted to click through and learn more about it to see if they would need the product. 

2. Back in Stock

Products that often go out of stock should have a ‘Back in Stock’ product label. This label will indicate to shoppers that the product is in high demand and often goes out of stock. This would successfully nudge your shoppers to purchase the item so that they don’t miss it.


3. Few Left

If you have low stocks of a product, you can ensure that it sells better with a product label that highlights its scarcity. Add a ‘Few Left’ product labels to show your store visitors that they will lose out on the product if they don’t purchase it now.


4. Going Fast / Selling Fast

If a product is selling well, you should let your store visitors know with a ‘Going Fast’ or ‘Selling Fast’ product label. With such a label, you will be able to garner more attention to the product and create FOMO among shoppers.


5. Low on Stock

Inform shoppers about products with low stock by adding a product label that draws attention to it. A ‘Low on Stock’ product label to sure to make your store visitors stop scrolling and look at the product more closely.

6. Last chance 

Promoting a product at a time-sensitive discount or have limited stocks available? Create urgency around owning this product with a ‘last chance’ product label. Let shoppers know that this could be their last chance to grab it! The fear of missing out on it will kick in immediately. 

7. Out of Stock

If you want to display products that will be back in stock but are currently unavailable, add the ‘Out of Stock’ product label. This will help you provide accurate information about your products to your shoppers. With such a label, your shopper won’t be misled by the product listing. 

If they are still interested in the product, they will subscribe to back in stock messages on the product page. This way, when the product comes back in stock, your shoppers will instantly make the purchase so that they don’t have to face stockout again.

8. Limited Edition

Do you have a product on your Shopify store that is only being sold for a limited period? Ensure that your limited edition products get the hype they deserve with a well-placed product label. Add a ‘Limited Edition’ product label to highlight the product’s short sales period. 

9. Only X left

We’ve all seen a product label like ‘Only 2 left’ and instantly jumped to buy the product. Use this scarcity tactic on low stock products on your Shopify store to elicit this feeling among your shoppers.

Shoppers are highly likely to buy a product they are slightly interested in if they see that there are very few left in stock. Add product badges like ‘Only 3 left’ so that shoppers who want to shop won’t put it off for later.

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Ready to use scarcity on your Shopify store with product labels?

We hope this blog gives you an idea of the different ways you can create scarcity on your Shopify store with product labels. By using scarcity on your store smartly, you can get shoppers to come back to shop before they miss out on the product, increasing purchases.

Product labels provide you with the opportunity to display different kinds of messages. You nudge more purchases with different kinds of tactics— urgency, scarcity, social proof, and more. When setting up product labels, you don’t need to edit your product images every time you want to add, change, or remove labels. 

Instead, you can install ModeMagic, a Shopify app built to simplify how you add product labels on top of your product images. With this app, you can add, customize, and make edits to your labels in an instant.

Get ModeMagic for your Shopify store and create scarcity on your Shopify store now!

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