Must-Have 10 Steps to Make Your Flash Sales a Success

Flash sales are a great way to build urgency on your Shopify store and turn interested visitors who are just browsing into customers. But, just slashing prices isn’t enough. You also need to build visibility and promote your sale to gain traction and increase purchases through these flash sales.

To help you, we’ve created a 10-step checklist to make your flash sales a success.

10 Steps for a Successful Flash Sale on your Shopify Store

1. Update your header

When your sale is live, ensure that the most visible part of your Shopify store— the header— announces the time-sensitive sale. By using the header to display your discount and when your sale will expire, you can ensure that even new store visitors will be informed of the sale and want to take action immediately.

Many store owners also display a countdown timer within their header to show how long shoppers have left before the sale is over.

2. Add product labels

If you are running a sale on only selected products or are discounted products differently, you can add product labels to your products to inform shoppers about the discount without making them open the product page to learn more. A product label is highly visible, ensuring that shoppers can quickly understand which product is on sale and the discount added to a specific product even while scrolling.

You can add product labels using ModeMagic. The Shopify app allows you to add product labels over your product image and even customize the look of these labels to match your store design.

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Here are a few product labels you can use during your flash sale to get started:

  • Flash Sale: Add a ‘Flash Sale’ product label on selected discounted products so that shoppers don’t have to spend time hunting discounted products.

flash sales

  • 30% off: Add product labels that show how much discount each product has. This is especially helpful if products are discounted differently across your store.

  • Special Offer: Let shoppers know if a limited edition product or a rare product is on discount with a ‘Special Offer’ product label.

flash sales

Install ModeMagic to bring more visibility to your flash sale.

3. Send emails to promote the sale

Email is a great channel to let shoppers, especially past customers know about your flash sale and nudge them to head to your Shopify store. It was found that flash sale emails increase click-to-open rates by 74%

Since there is no limit to the email message, here are some ways to craft your flash sale emails:

  • Make your expiry and your discounted offers the first thing shoppers see.
  • Ensure that your subject does not contain spam-filtered words like ‘sale’. Your email will be immediately flagged.
  • Use red within your email banner or CTA to create urgency.
  • Add product recommendations like Bestsellers to let shoppers know about popular products.

4. Send time-sensitive SMS campaigns

If you want to send more short and crisp messages, you can also send SMS campaigns about your flash sales. Apps like TxtCart are perfect, letting you send conversational campaigns about your flash sale and successfully bringing the shopper back to buy from you.

With your SMS campaign, we would suggest keeping the message as short as possible and only mentioning the discount, when the sale ends, and linking back to your store with a strong CTA copy like ‘Shop now!’ or ‘Shop before it expires!’

flash sales

5. Update your abandoned cart messages across your marketing channels

When running flash sales, ensure that even shoppers who have abandoned their carts know about the offer. Update your abandoned cart messages across marketing channels to include the discount that you are running on your Shopify store. 

By doing this, you can increase your chances of turning those abandoned carts into purchases, giving cart abandoners a strong reason to come back to buy the item.

6. Let your social media followers know

Once your sale is live, it’s crucial to spread the word. Set up a short social media campaign, letting your followers know about the flash sale. 

Since social media is filled with promotions, it’s important to get creative with your campaigns. You can go live on your social profiles and promote giveaways, run pre-launch campaigns to build hype about the flash sale, and create urgency with frequent posts.

7. Run ads about your sale

Ads allow you to reach new audiences as well as retarget to past shoppers and visitors. This is why, if you have the budget, running an ad about your flash sale is a great idea!

When running an ad about your flash sale, ensure that the ad is optimized with the right audience, copy, and creative assets so that you can maximize your ad ROI. To do this, you can take inspiration from different ads being run by brands like you. Facebook Ads Library lets you search for ads and get inspiration from global brands.

You can also get ad strategy help from ad experts at Spin. These ad experts are specialized in ad creation and planning, helping brands reach their goals in no time! Get a free consultation from the ad experts at Spin now!

8. Build urgency with a countdown timer

Many store owners customize their store’s announcement bar to display a countdown timer, counting down to the sale’s expiry. A countdown timer is perfect to create urgency about your sale, making visitors aware of how little time they have before your sale ends. It was found that the presence of a countdown timer alone created an 8.6% lift in conversions.

You can enable countdown timers on your announcement bar using the Countdown Timer Bar App. You can then customize the countdown timer to match your store design. 

9. Enable bundling to increase AOV during sales

One of the smartest ways to increase the AOV on your Shopify store, with or without a flash sale, is by enabling bundled offers. Bundles allow you to offer 2 products on your Shopify store together for a slightly lower price. Shoppers love a good deal, and by offering bundles, you can incentivize them to shop more items.

Install Wiser for product recommendations to enable bundling offers. Within this personalized recommendation app, you can enable the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widget on your Shopify store, set up customized bundled offers, and nudge shoppers to add more items to their cart. 

10. Capture interested shoppers for stockouts using Back in Stock Alerts

Your flash sale products are sure to fly off the shelves, causing higher stockouts. To ensure that you aren’t missing out on interested shoppers due to low stocks, you can set up back-in-stock alerts. Shoppers can subscribe to unavailable products using your back in stock automation. Once the product is back, they will automatically receive a message about the product, bringing them back to your store.

You can set up back-in-stock alerts using the Back in Stock – Restock Alerts app. The Shopify app lets you enable multiple communication channels, customize your automated message according to your preferences, and monitor the performance of the automation.

Run successful flash sales with these tactics!

We hope these 10 tactics help you set up successful flash sales to increase conversions on your Shopify store. When running a sale, it’s important to update your Shopify store design. This is where ModeMagic can help. Using the app, you can display labels on products that are on sale, alerting shoppers about the offer running on your store.

We found that using product labels and badges can increase Shopify sales by 15%!

Install ModeMagic to get started with product labels and set up high-converting flash sales 


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