Must-Have Product Labels To Display Social Proof on Your eCommerce Store

Social proof – sounds familiar? Yes, Social Proof is one of the best tactics to use in your Shopify eCommerce store. In fact, using social proof within your product labels, you can easily sway shopper decisions. Let’s dive into why social proof is effective and how to use product labels to display social proof on your Shopify store.

Why Is Social Proof An Effective Tactic?

Social proof is when people are influenced by the action of others to adapt their behavior. When you see people hyped about a product, you’re sure to have the desire to buy the product too. By tapping into this mentality, you can boost your products’ popularity and increase sales. 

Implementing social proof can increase revenue as much as 15%. In fact, reviews and recommendations are the best ways to set up social proof to boost revenue. 83% of consumers say recommendations from family and friends make them more likely to purchase a product or service.

How Do Product Labels Help Build Social Proof to Boost Sales?

Product labels are highly visible since they are shown over product images. Shoppers browsing your store will see these labels and stop scrolling to learn more about the product, ensuring they don’t miss out on a product they may be interested in. In fact, product labels have proven to boost revenue by 13%

By displaying social proof using product labels, you can inform shoppers about a product’s popularity, it’s high-rating, and ensure they don’t miss out on any deals or new arrivals. Its high visibility makes product labels the perfect design element to add to your Shopify store to easily boost sales.

15 Types of Product Labels to Display Social Proof to Increase Shopify Sales

1. As Seen On 

Have a product that has been featured on publications or shows? Add a product label that reinforces its popularity. Add a product label like ‘As Seen On Shark Tark’ or ‘As Seen On Ellen’ to build your product’s credibility and build a desire among your shoppers to buy the item.

2. Bestseller 

Highlight your bestsellers among your large product catalog by adding a ‘Bestseller’ product label. Shoppers who are browsing your products will see the label and click through to the product.

3. Deal of the Day 

If you have short-term deals set up on your Shopify store, you can draw attention to the deal with a label on the product. Add a ‘Deal of the Day’ product label that informs shoppers of the time-sensitive deals you have on the store. You’re sure to boost your sale with such a label!

Social Proof

4. Exclusive / Online Exclusive

Give your online exclusive products a special place on your online store with a product label. Add an ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Online Exclusive’ product label to the product so that shoppers will feel like they will miss the item and buy it instantly.

5. Hard to Find 

Give your rare products the well-deserved attention with a ‘Hard to Find’ product label. Such a label will help you grab the attention of shoppers who are looking for exclusive items.

Social Proof

6. Limited Edition 

Highlight limited edition products with a product label that draws attention to it. Add a ‘Limited Edition’ label so that shoppers are aware of the item’s exclusivity and are compelled to purchase it.

Social Proof

7. Members-Only

Have any products that are exclusive to members? Inform your shoppers about it with a ‘Members-Only’ product label added to the items. This way, shoppers who aren’t members won’t be misled to click on the product.

8. Most Popular

Boost your revenue by highlighting products that are already selling well. Add a ‘Most Popular’ product label on products that are performing well and ensure all your store visitors see the product as they browse your catalog.

9. New Arrivals 

Oftentimes, shoppers miss out on newly arrived products because they are all shown in one large product catalog. Make these products stand out with a ‘New Arrivals’ product label added to the products. Your shoppers won’t miss these new products and you’ll have a higher chance of selling these new products within its first few weeks of launch.

Social Proof new arrivals

10. Pre-Order

Make soon-to-launch products more visible on your Shopify store with an apt product label. Add a ‘Pre-Order’ product label on products to ensure shoppers who are interested in the item click through and place a pre-order for the item.

Social Proof

11. Most Viewed

Sometimes, you might have an expansive catalog under every category. Getting each product noticed can be a challenge. This product label lets the shopper know what others are looking at, making him instantly interested in it. 

Social Proof

12. Staff Picks 

Provide an interactive experience with products that have been picked by your staff. Add a ‘Staff Picks’ product label on your team’s favorite products so that shoppers can check out products that your team loves.

Social Proof

13. Top Selling

Ensure that your shoppers don’t miss out on top-selling with a product label. Add a ‘Top Selling’ product label on selected products to navigate your shoppers to products you want them to notice and shop.

Social Proof

14. Trending Now

If a product is selling well for a few days, you can add a product label that informs your store visitors about it. Add a ‘Trending Now’ product label to let your shoppers know about the product’s popularity. If they are interested in the product, they will be more likely to buy it instantly than put it off for later. 

Social Proof

15. Top-Rated

Ensure that shoppers don’t miss out on a highly rated product with a product label that alerts shoppers about it. With a label that calls out a product’s good ratings, your shoppers will feel more confident to look at and buy the product. 

Enable social proof on your Shopify store with product labels!

We hope this smart tactic helps you catch shoppers’ attention and turn their interest into a purchase. With ModeMagic, it’s easier now than ever to set up product labels. You don’t have to edit your product images every time you want to add a label. Instead, using the ModeMagic Shopify app, you can add a label on the products you want to show social proof on and customize the label according to your store design.

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