Types of Product Labels to Attract Shoppers to Your High-Value Products

Your high-value products must be the first items to catch your shoppers’ attention as soon as they start scrolling. One of the best ways to visually indicate and highlight these products is by adding the right product label on them.

Read why you need to add product labels to high-value products and 11 types of labels you can add to increase Shopify sales instantly!

Why You Need to Add Product Labels to High-Value Products

High-value products are products with a large price tag. Oftentimes, shoppers skim through a store’s catalog and omit products with a large price next to it, dismissing them due to the price tag. However, by doing this, many shoppers miss out on owning some exclusive and unique items from the store.

By adding product labels on your high-value products, your shoppers won’t miss out on viewing these special items! These labels will nudge shoppers to learn more about the product. Shoppers will be compelled to buy the item, helping you increase conversions on these high-ticket items.

11 Types of Product Labels for High-Value Products

1. Limited edition

Highlight limited edition products with a product label that draws attention to it. Add a ‘Limited Edition’ label so that shoppers are aware of the item’s exclusivity and more likely to purchase it.


2. Exclusive

Give your exclusive products a special place on your online store with a product label. Add an ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Online Exclusive’ product label to the product so that shoppers will experience FOMO and buy the product instantly.


3. Featured

Ensure your best products are visible to shoppers by adding the ‘Featured’ product label. With this label, you can lead shoppers to your high-value products.


4. Staff Picks

Provide an interactive experience with products that have been picked by your staff. Add a ‘Staff Picks’ product label on your staff’s favorite products so that shoppers can check out products that your team loves.


5. Trending

If a product is selling well for a few days, you can add a product label that informs your store visitors about it. Add a ‘Trending’ product label to let your shoppers know about the product’s popularity. If they are interested in the product, they will be more likely to buy it instantly than put it off for later. 

6. Accredited

Add credibility to your high-value products by adding an ‘Accredited’ product label to it. With the label, your consumers will see that the product is vouched by experts and they will be able to buy the item without second-guessing their choice.

When adding this label, ensure that you’ve added more details about the certifications given to the product within the product description.

7. Fast-Selling

Is a high-value product selling quickly? Amplify its popularity by adding a ‘Fast-Selling’ product label to it. With this label, shoppers who show even a little interest in the item will be convinced to buy it, fearing that the product will go out of stock.

high-value products

8. Award-Winning

Has your product ever won an award? Boast about it with a product label that instantly lets shoppers know. Add an ‘Award-Winning’ product label to products that have won awards. Don’t forget to add a paragraph within the product page, giving details about the award won to clear any questions that shoppers may have, increasing credibility.

high-value products

9. Popular

Let shoppers know what products are well-received by other customers just like them. Add a ‘Popular’ product label on products that are seeing an enormous number of sales on your Shopify store.

high-value products

10. One of a kind

Many stores run products that are unique, not fitting into any collection or category. Make these products stand out with a ‘One of a kind’ product label so that your consumers are instantly informed about the product’s value.

11. Specials 

Are there any products that are special to your store and being sold for a short period of time? Add a ‘Specials’ product label to ensure that your shoppers don’t miss it. 

Increase Shopify sales with product labels on high-value products

We hope these product labels help you catch shoppers’ attention and turn their interest into a purchase. 

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