Product Labels That Online Food Businesses and Restaurants Can Use to Increase Sales

Whether you’ve just taken your restaurant online or are looking to improve your on-site restaurants design, product labels are a great addition to your Shopify store design. With product labels, you can guide your patrons to choose the dishes that deserve more attention, helping you increase sales.

Let’s dive into why you need product labels for your online food business and the 12 product labels you can use on your Shopify restaurant.

Why Are Product Labels Important For Your Online Food Businesses and Restaurants?

When ordering your food online, shoppers are likely to miss out on dishes as they scroll through your menu or be led to believe that the dish contains harmful ingredients. They may also assume that it doesn’t fit their dietary restrictions, worrying that it contains peanuts, dairy, sugar, etc. Due to this misunderstanding, you may end up losing patrons altogether!

By adding product labels, you can let shoppers learn more about your dishes at a glance, without needing them to read the item description in detail. This way, shoppers could instantly find the dishes they are looking for and pick them with confidence.

New to product labels and want to know why they’re important for your Shopify store? Read our complete guide on product labels here.

12 Product Labels for Online Food Businesses and Restaurants

1. Vegan

Use the ‘Vegan’ product label to let your patrons know which items on your menu are vegan, making it easier for them to look for vegan options to order from you. 

2. Contains Gluten

If most items on your menu are gluten-free, you can warn shoppers about the few that do have gluten. Add a ‘Contains Gluten’ product label to these products so that shoppers with a gluten allergy can stay away.

product labels

3. Gluten-Free

Highlight your gluten-free items and allow patrons with a gluten allergy to order without any worries. Use a ‘Gluten-Free’ product label if most of your items contain gluten. This can help shoppers find these rare items on your menu and order them instantly.

product labels

4. Natural Ingredients Only

Let shoppers know that your menu items like strawberry or fruit desserts are made with natural ingredients by using a ‘Natural Ingredients Only’ product label. 

product labels

5. Sugar-Free

Highlight your sugar-free items on your menu with a ‘Sugar-Free’ product label. This can make it easier for patrons to pick healthier options.

product labels

6. Antibiotic-Free

Shoppers, especially in this age, want to know exactly what goes in their food. A product label like ‘Antibiotic-Free’ on items like chicken and fruits can help you win their confidence.

7. Freshly Grown

Selling fruit bowls or vegetarian dishes? Use a “Freshly Grown’ product label to help health-conscious shoppers find items they would want to order and eat.

8. Keto

Cater to your health-conscious patrons by adding a ‘Keto’ product label to items that are cooked with keto-specific ingredients and methods.

9. No Preservatives

Add a ‘No Preservatives’ product label so that shoppers can identify items that don’t have preservatives. Such a product label is helpful for brands selling jam or dishes that traditionally use preservatives.

10. Specials

Do you have any special items on your catalog? Use the ‘Specials’ product label to highlight these special menu items and give them a much-needed boost for your online patrons.

11. Dairy-Free

Many patrons are lactose intolerant or have a dairy-free diet. You can help them make better food decisions by adding a ‘Dairy-Free’ product label to products that are free of dairy. 

online restaurant

12. Contains Peanuts

Inform patrons about items with peanuts by adding a ‘Contains Peanuts’ product label. Such a product label can be helpful for allergic patrons to stay safe.

online restaurant

Boost orders on your online restaurant with product labels

We hope these product labels help you understand the different ways you can use this Shopify design element to enhance your store design.

Adding product labels is easy with ModeMagic. The Shopify app helps you instantly add product labels like stickers to your dishes so that you can display an offer or menu information right on top of your menu item.

You can customize these product labels to match your restaurant’s look and feel. What’s more, these labels can be changed on the go, without having to make time-consuming edits.

Install ModeMagic to add product labels to your online restaurant.

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