Types of Product Labels To Build a Sense of Urgency And Increase Shopify Sales

As a Shopify store owner, you’re already (or planning on) running sales and offers to grow profits, get more conversions and boost repeat purchases. This is one of the best tactics that any merchant can use on their Shopify store to increase sales – by creating a sense of urgency through a sale. But how do you make your offers stand out? With visual indicators like products labels, it’s easier for you to build this sense of urgency into your Shopify store.

In this blog, we’ll help you understand how to use different types of product labels to highlight different kinds of sales and promotions, and drive urgency on your Shopify store – leading to your goal of increasing Shopify sales.

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Why Is Urgency An Effective Tactic?

As an online business, you’re sure to find a large percentage of your shoppers leaving your store before they even make a purchase. To grow your business, you cannot afford to lose these shoppers. Tactics such as creating urgency have proven to make a substantial impact in quickening shopper decision times and growing revenue.

When shoppers see a countdown timer on a product, they will make a quick, impulsive decision to buy it rather than choosing to come back to your store later. When they see a message saying that a discount is available for a short period, they will be more likely to shop immediately rather than abandoning their cart at checkout.

One store found that adding urgency to product pages resulted in a revenue uplift of 27.1%. Urgency messages like “Offer Running Out”, “Lightning Deal”, “Limited Time Offer” and “1 Hour Sale” guide the shopper to take quicker action, ensuring you can turn every interest into a purchase.

How Do Product Labels Help Build Urgency?

Without product labels, shoppers are browsing through your store without any signposts to guide them through the store. As a merchant, you have little control over what products they choose to look at and buy.

But imagine yourself as a shopper – why will you choose one product over another quickly, and why?

When a shopper lands on a product with a label or sticker on it, they pause their browsing as soon as they encounter an eye-catchy label over a product., This makes them focus on the details of that product and observe it more.  and also notice why this product. They would be more likely to take a look at products you want them to notice and shop.

90% of all information that enters our brain is visual. Moreover, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than images. Since product labels are visual indicators on your Shopify store, they would be an effective medium to build urgency and drive your shoppers to purchase more.

Different Types of Product Labels to Build a Sense of Urgency on Your Shopify Store

There are many kinds of product labels you can set up on your Shopify store. We suggest trying out different urgency labels on your store to test and understand which label yields higher clicks and conversions. For some stores, a discount label would work best while for others, an event-related label would work better.

When adding product labels, we suggest choosing a small number of products to add these labels to. With fewer labels, your shoppers will take these visual cues more seriously. You don’t want to add a label to every product since shoppers would perceive your labels to have a lower value.

1. Buy Now

Nudge instant purchase with a product label that pushes shoppers to take action. The ‘Buy Now’ label can be used on products that are selling well or popular among your customers. With such a label, you can make shoppers click through and check out your product.

2. 1 Hour Sale

Oftentimes, many stores set up highly time-sensitive sales that last for an hour. To ensure you have a chance to generate more revenue, you can add a product label with ‘1 Hour Sale’ as the label text to instil higher urgency to shop. Your store visitors would see this label and would have a higher intent to shop your products to avoid missing out on your sale.

Pro-tip: Don’t add this product label just to build urgency. Ensure that the price of the product is marked down and that you remove the label after the 1 hour period.

3. Clearance Sale

Ensure that your last stock of specific products doesn’t go unnoticed. Add a ‘Clearance Sale’ product label to make these products stand out. With such a label, you can inform shoppers about the product and make them check it out. This way, interested shoppers will buy the product before the stock runs out.

4. Final Sale

If you are running a discount on specific products and plan to not put these products on sale again, you can add a ‘Final Sale’ product label on them. This label will alert shoppers about its exclusivity, making them more likely to shop the item sooner.

5. Last Day of Sale

Leverage your last day of sale by ensuring every store visitor knows about. Place a product label with the text ‘Last Day of Sale’ to inform shoppers that they’ll miss out on great discounts if they don’t shop immediately.

6. Offer Running Out

Another product label that is sure to make shoppers pay more attention is the ‘Offer Running Out’ label. This label will surely make shoppers click through on products that you’ve added the label to.

Pro-tip: You can add this label to products that are well-stocked so that you can increase its sales easily.

7. Discount

Product labels like ‘40% off’ and ‘30% off’ are perfect to allow you to inform your shoppers about the different kinds of discounts running on your store. This is especially helpful since you may want to add different kinds of discounts on different products. Such a discount label will allow you to keep your store interactive so that shoppers can look for specific discounts according to their preferences.

8. Sale!

Running a large sale on your Shopify store? Ensure that your shoppers don’t miss out with visual cues across your store. Add product labels with the ‘Sale!’ text so that shoppers will feel motivated to shop.

Pro-tip: If you have a storewide sale, you can choose which products to show this label on. We suggest adding the label to products that are not selling as much so that you have a chance to increase conversions on those products.

9. Seasonal Offer

If you have sales for specific seasonal celebrations or events like Christmas or Father’s Day, adding a product label to products that complement this season is sure to grab attention. Add a label with ‘Seasonal Offer’ for products that would suit the occasion.

For instance, if Independence Day is coming up, you can add the label to products that your shoppers would enjoy during this day. Or, if you want to guide shoppers who are looking for Father’s Day gifts, the label can be added to products perfect for gifting.

10. Flash Sale

Amazon’s lightning deals work brilliantly to ensure shoppers check out their product faster. You can add this feature to your Shopify store as well with the ‘Flash Sale’ label. Highlight products that have a time-sensitive discount on them by adding this product label.

Ready to build urgency with product labels?

We hope this helped you set up product labels to instil a sense of urgency within your store visitors and nudge them to shop more.

Product labels are powerful tactics that help you direct your shoppers through your Shopify store. You can easily enable product labels on your Shopify store using ModeMagic. The app allows you to place labels over your products and customize these labels to match the look and feel of your Shopify store. These labels can be changed on the go, ensuring your store is updated with your latest offers.

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