10 Power Words to Use in Product Labels For Quicker Purchasing Decisions

While shoppers are browsing your Shopify store, they need visual cues to make them stop browsing and want to check out certain products. As a merchant, you can set up such visual cues on products you want them to notice— limited edition products, bestsellers, award-winning products, etc. You can do this by adding power words in your product labels.

Let’s look at what power words are, how you can use them into product labels, and a few power words and phrases you can enable on your Shopify store instantly.

What are Power Words?

Simply put, power words are persuasive, descriptive words that trigger an emotional response. They elicit a powerful emotion based on the kind of word you use. For instance, you may want shoppers to feel like they are missing out on a product. You could use words like ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Limited edition’ to do the trick.

One eCommerce brand, Teespring, increased their conversions by 12.7% by adding a few power words to their CTA.

How Do Power Words in Product Labels Increase Shopify Sales?

As a store visitor is scrolling through your catalog, they may not notice a product that is a special addition to your store or one that is selling well. With a product label, your product will be more visible to the shopper and the label will create hype so that the shopper is more inclined to make purchases from your store.

By adding product labels with power words, you can add visual indicators of exclusive products that shoppers can’t miss or add credibility to your products to build trust. Since power words have proven to boost conversions, using them in your labels is an assured way to take your shoppers from your catalog to your checkout!

10 Types of Power Words to Use in Product Labels to Boost Conversions

1. Best Selling

Highlight your bestsellers among your large product catalog by adding a ‘Bestseller’ product label. Shoppers who are browsing your products will see the label and click through to the product.

2. Exclusive

Provide your online exclusive products a special place on your online store with a product label. Add an ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Online Exclusive’ product label to certain products so that shoppers will feel like they need to buy the item instantly so that they don’t miss it.

3. Tested

Do you sell food, makeup, hair care, or nutrition products? Add a ‘Tested’ product label to let shoppers know that the product has been tried and tested and seen positive results from your personal product lab. 

When using such a label, add a small snippet within the product description about how you tested the product. For instance, if you sell hair care products, you can add facts about the results that your tests for the product saw. This could be as simple as “10x shine, less breakage” etc.

4. Limited

Highlight limited edition products with a product label that draws attention to it. Add a ‘Limited Edition’ label so that shoppers are aware of the item’s exclusivity and are compelled to purchase it.

5. Hard to Find

Let shoppers know that a product is rare or is a favorite among online shoppers by adding a ‘Hard to Find’ product label over this. This label is sure to make your store visitors stop and take notice!

6. Essential

Products like masks, sanitizers, etc. are in great demand. Your shoppers shouldn’t miss out on these items. Add an ‘Essential’ product label on items that are deemed as requirements during this period. As times shift, you can remove the label for certain products accordingly. 

For instance, if you sell furniture, you can add this product label to office chairs. Or, if you sell clothing, this label will be best suited on loungewear items.

7. Value Offer

Have you reduced the price of a product or discounted it? Add a product label to let shoppers know. With a ‘Value Offer’ product label, you can successfully grab the attention of discount hunters and convert their interest into a purchase.

8. Free Gift 

Tap into your shopper’s need for more by promising a gift on certain products. You could do this for products that you have bundled or for products that come with a complimentary or token item. Use a ‘Free Gift’ product label to instantly make shoppers notice your products and grab the offer.

9. Certified

Has your product won any awards or been certified by institutions? Ensure that your store visitors don’t miss this crucial detail by adding a product label. The “Certified” product label will display the quality of your products, making shoppers see you as a credible brand to shop from.

When you add this label to products, ensure that their descriptions mention the award or certification that the product received so that shoppers are well-informed of what exactly the product is known for. 

10.  Special

Another way to add exclusivity is by adding a ‘Special’ product label to items that are stocked up for a short time or have a discount offer that is expiring soon. This label is sure to make shoppers want to purchase the item before they miss out.

Increase conversions by using power words in product labels

We hope this powerful copy tactic helps you increase conversions on your Shopify store. With ModeMagic, you can set up product labels with the click of a button. Instead of editing your product images, the app allows you to add custom labels like stickers onto your products. These product labels let you use power words, social proof, and other conversion tactics to get shoppers to check out your products faster!

Install ModeMagic on your Shopify store and display power words in product labels instantly!

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