Today I got a hug from Naples! :)

We launched Modemagic a couple of months ago. Today, we’re a 4.9 star rated app on the Shopify App store – supported by a robust and engaged community of over 2000 Shopify merchants. Offering exceptional support has been our key performance indicator for customer success since day one. Our users love the app and I enjoy reading their comments.

And every once in a while, I find myself in wonderfully warm conversations that light up my day. A few examples from the past couple of weeks:

From one person who wrote to tell me he’d been laid off to the one who shared his joy of completing the first 20 sales; from the one who kindly offered me a handmade face-mask from her collection to the one who shared his poetry with me and sent me a warm hug (which inspired this post); it’s an amazing experience to be considered a friend and a personal support system rather than just a support engineer.

What do these interactions mean for our product?

While these interactions put a smile on my face, they also help us build the most relevant experience for users. The product is a living, evolving entity of its own. As the makers, we generally know the ‘how’ of it. But the ‘what’ is driven by the constant feedback and suggestions we get from our users. 

As the primary points of contact for the users, it is our responsibility to drive customer success via meaningful conversations. Here are a few things that work pretty well for me: 

  1. KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly): Keep your emails/responses crisp & to the point, always. It’s a great way to show respect for the other person’s time and doesn’t leave room for ambiguity.
  2. Promptness over perfection: Sometimes, we tend to delay our responses to make sure we have the best solutions. But more often than not, people prefer a quick answer over a perfect one. Set clear expectations and keep your users updated along every step. It goes a long way in building trust with them.
  3. Distinct, clear CTAs – When initiating communication with your users, add a single, definite call to action. It could be anything from asking for feedback or requesting a chat. Asking multiple questions in the same email can overwhelm users, and they’ll most likely not respond to any of them.
  4. Know your product inside out – Know what’s available in your product & what’s not. Know which features are launching soon, and what the workarounds are. Being super comfortable with your product will help you understand the exact pain points the user can have. 
  5. Reach out to users beyond your product – Engaging with the user base outside the scope of your product will give you a perspective about the entire ecosystem. It will also help you speak the users’ language when they converse with you. For us at ModeMagic, the Shopify community was a great place to start!
  6. Incentivize User Feedback – Go out of your way to encourage users to share their feedback. Share additional benefits/ freebies in return if needed. You can build a far better and useful product with their inputs than with your hypotheses alone.
  7. Be Proactive in Support: Be it a user’s first visit to your product page, special requests, or region-specific events – reach out to your users proactively. Show them around your product, ask them what they need, guide them with resources, share your views, and help them decide. When users value you as a trusted advisor, but they are more likely to stay loyal
  8. Be Personal – It’s a standard tip to add a personal touch to your conversations. But this is not so effective if you don’t mean it. Be personal if you want to sound personal. You’ll be amazed at how well people respond to it!

To sum it all up..

Keeping customer success as our central focus at all times has helped us grow ModeMagic into one of the fastest-growing apps on the Shopify App Store. Pleasantly for me, it also gives a small window to fascinating conversations!

If you have more ideas for customer success and support or want to chat, feel free to send me a message. I’m always up for new experiments and interesting stories 🙂

Customer Success Inside ModeMagic

Today I got a hug from Naples! :)

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