Fresh Releases: Search, make your own stickers, new languages, and more

Based on the feedback we have received from the community, we’re pumped to announce some exciting new features in Modemagic. Stickers are now all the more versatile and compatible with your store 💥. 

1. Make your own stickers

Unleash your branding Picasso.

For a consistent store experience, each element of your store design needs to match the theme. Stickers are no different. Now create your own stickers to match the exact needs of your store and products. 

To start, click the “Make a sticker” button (in the top bar).

Make your own sticker - Modemagic

Simply input your unique text, select colors, and your sticker shape. 

Make your product label sticker Modemagic

Your new stickers are created instantly and can now be used anytime in the future. Please note that the usage pricing remains the same.

Try this feature in the app today.

2. Sticker Search

Find what you’re looking for.

With new stickers added every week, your favorite stickers might be hard to find sometimes. To make sure this doesn’t happen, sticker search has now been added. Start typing in the “Find Stickers” bar to begin!

3. New Language Support: French, Spanish

French: Et maintenant, exprimer vos offres en français

Parlez à votre public par voies des autocollants en langue locale. L’appli et la bibliothèque d’autocollants sont désormais disponibles en 2 langues supplémentaires: français et espagnol.  Ajoutez de la magie à vos produits en utilisant la langue locale et rendez-les plus pertinents pour les utilisateurs

Modemagic Language Support Product Labels App

Click on your store name in the top left bar to find supported languages

We’re constantly working to provide the best experience for every region. Support for more languages is coming soon!

4. Added browser support: Safari

Use your browser of choice.

Modemagic is now compatible with the latest version of the Safari web browser.

Excited? Try out the new features in the app or Install Modemagic in your Shopify store to start increasing your conversions today!

Feature Release

Fresh Releases: Search, make your own stickers, new languages, and more

Feature Release

Modemagic: Now in French!