How to increase conversions on your Shopify store by creating urgency

As a Shopify merchant, it’s important to stand out among the thousands of other merchants who are selling online. What makes shoppers want to buy from you over other stores? You can use many tactics to successfully grab shopper attention but one tactic that works wonders is using urgency to drive sales from your traffic.

Urgency is a tactic that many merchants use to give their shoppers a compelling reason to shop from their store instantly. With urgency, you can add a time-sensitive copy, timer, or design to successfully nudge a purchase from your shoppers. This is especially helpful for merchants who have a lot of traffic but no sales.

In this blog, we are outlining 8 ways you can illicit urgency on your Shopify store.

8 Ways to Create Urgency to Increase Shopify Sales

1. Add product labels

When shopping online, consumers are sure to look for the product they want on multiple stores, taking their time to decide. It’s your job to be able to capture their attention quickly and make them buy from you over the other stores. This is where product labels come into play.

With product labels, you can add an attractive and colorful label over certain products that grab your shopper’s attention and make them stop scrolling. Product labels like ‘Fast-Selling’ and ‘Limited Stocks’ are perfect at getting shoppers to cut short their research time and buy your product.

nudge faster purchase decisions with product labels

These labels have even proven effective at convincing shoppers to buy. Adding labels and stickers can help you increase sales conversions by 148%! You can set up product labels with ModeMagic. These labels can be customized by design and copy and you can choose which product they should appear. This way, there’s no need to manually add and remove labels within images!

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2. Use countdown timers once an item is added to cart

Many shoppers abandon their cart, thinking they can come back to it later. They often end up forgetting and not buying it at all. Add urgency to complete checkout with a countdown timer that lets shoppers know that they have only 15 minutes to check out before the item goes out of stock or the discount on their cart expires.

This smart urgency tactic helps you to ensure shoppers complete their purchase, reducing cart abandonment on your Shopify store. Apps like Countdown Timer Bar allow you to set up such automatic timers so that the timer appears as a top bar on your Shopify store as soon as the shopper adds an item to their cart.

countdown timer bar

3. Show stock quantity

Ever saw a product that you really liked, noticed that there are only 3 left and bought it on the spot? Online shoppers will buy quicker when they see that the quantity of the product they are interested in is low. Enable this feature so that you can effectively get shoppers to make a quicker decision about buying your product.

This customizable is done by adding a piece of code to your Shopify theme. You can get help from the Shopify community or reach out to a Shopify expert to set it up for you.

countdown timer to increase conversions

4. Send browse abandonment emails that highlight limited stocks

Oftentimes, store visitors browse through products and then leave the store website without purchasing or adding the item to cart. You can easily lure back these shoppers with a timely browse abandonment email. Once set up, these emails remind shoppers about the product they were looking at so that you have a chance to bring them back for a purchase.

Klaviyo allows you to set up browse abandonment emails and automates it so that you can recapture every visitor effortlessly. When setting it up, ensure that your copy specifically mentions that it is in limited stocks. This nudge can get them to click through the email and get to your product page quicker.

5. Show on-site notifications about recent purchases

When shoppers are aware of how popular your Shopify store is, they will feel compelled to complete their purchase quickly, fearing that the product will go out of stock any moment. However, unless you’re H&M or Fashion Nova, shoppers don’t have to worry about stock-outs while shopping.

You can create an urgency to purchase with on-site notifications that show recent purchases. These notifications imply how quickly your products are selling, making shoppers purchase quicker. Apps like Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer automate and simplify your on-site sales notifications.

live sales notifications to create urgency

6. Customize and add urgency copy within your header image during sales

When running a sale, you need to alert your new visitor about this time-sensitive promotion as soon as they land on your Shopify store. This is why you must customize your header image to reflect the sale and let these shoppers know about the large discounts they can grab.

Design a striking header image that mentions when the sale ends, using urgency copy like “Act Now” and “Shop while offer lasts” to nudge a purchase from your shopper. Such a design change can also help you get new visitors to convert into customers! Don’t forget to add a button and a compelling CTA that leads your shopper to all your products.

7. Show a limited offer on the announcement bar

The announcement bar is a great place to highlight important offers and products. It is at the top of the page and stands out against the rest of your store, making it attention-grabbing. Its vibrant color can help you easily drive more clicks to your offer/product.

Many Shopify themes have an in-built announcement bar. If your store theme doesn’t have one or you want a more customizable announcement bar, you can choose to install an app like Quick Announcement Bar to easily set one up on your storefront.

announcement bar to increase conversions

Read more about the announcement bar on Shopify’s blog.

8. Show how many customers have added the product to their cart

Shoppers don’t want to miss out on a product due to stockouts. So, if they know that a product is selling well, they would want to buy it before it sells out. But, how can you let shoppers know about it?

One way is with a copy that automatically shows how many people are viewing a product or have added it to their cart. Such a message on the product page can easily convince the shopper to take action quickly. You can use Fera.ai to set up product view counts on your product page.

Ready to increase Shopify conversions with urgency?

By smartly using urgency and setting up tactics that make shoppers checkout faster, you can grab more purchases and reduce abandonment on your Shopify store.

If you’re looking for effective urgency tactics, you can start with product labels. They are easy to customize and set up, taking only minutes to edit, test, and take it live. Besides urgency, these labels help you highlight new products, bestsellers, top reviewed, and more, ensuring your store looks more striking for shoppers.

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