On-Site Strategies Using Product Recommendations To Increase Average Order Value On Your Shopify Store

One of the most important metrics tracked by many Shopify stores is the average order value. Average order value (AOV) measures the average dollar amount spent on your store on average by each customer. 

By focusing on increasing average order value, eCommerce businesses can sustainably grow their store. Personalized product recommendations are proven to increase AOV for Shopify stores. In fact, Kappa, a leading sportswear brand, set up product recommendations on their store to increase AOV by 11%.

In this blog, we’ve listed 6 proven ways you can use product recommendations across your shopper journey to increase the average order value on your Shopify store.

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6 Strategies Using Product Recommendations to Increase Average Order Value on Your Shopify Store

1. Display multiple recommendations on the homepage

One of the smartest strategies set up by Amazon is to display multiple recommendations on the homepage. With so many recommendations widgets, shoppers would be more inclined to browse the store’s products further and end up checking out. 

Here are a few recommendation widgets displayed on Amazon’s homepage.

  • Based on items you viewed: Products recently viewed by shoppers.
  • Inspired by your Wish List: Products similar to what the shopper wishlisted.
  • Inspired by your shopping trends: Products inspired by the shopper’s browsing history.
  • Today’s Deals: Products that are trending or on a discount for a limited time.

You can display multiple recommendation widgets on your homepage as well! As an independent brand, we suggest keeping the recommendation widgets unique to you. Display ‘New Arrivals’ to show shoppers newly launched products, ‘Trending Products’ to let shoppers know what’s popular, and ‘Limited Deals’ to show products on sale.

Average Order Value

2. Ensure that recommendations display reviews to increase your credibility

When adding recommendations on your Shopify store, ensure that you’ve integrated your recommendations app to increase credibility. When shoppers see that your product recommendations are highly-rated, they are more likely to click on it and make a purchase.

Wiser integrates with top review apps to ensure that merchants can display their store’s reviews within their recommendation widgets. 

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3. Add ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widget on your product page

The best way to increase the average order value on your Shopify store is with bundle offers. This allows you to provide 2 products together for a special, discounted amount. You can display a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widget that is shown on product pages that are eligible for bundling.

You can set which products should be bundled together and create a custom offer for the bundle. This way, shoppers landing on the product page would choose to buy the bundle, increasing your sales effortlessly.

4. Add ‘Featured Products’ on your collection page

If a shopper is browsing through tour collections, there’s a high chance they still haven’t formed a concrete idea on what they want. You can help them make their choice by displaying a ‘Featured Products’ widget on the collection page.

This recommendation widget displays products featured within that collection. These could be items on sale or unique products within that collection. A ‘Featured Products’ widget can help shoppers understand what’s special within that collection and help them pick products they may want to buy.

Average Order Value

5. Display ‘Recently Viewed Products’ on the cart page

Once a shopper lands on the cart page, you can find ways to make them add more items to their cart. Display a ‘Recently Viewed Products’ recommendation widget on the cart page. With this, shoppers would see other products they expressed interest in, along with a direct ‘Add to Cart’ button. 

Shoppers can instantly add an item they were considering to their cart and continue their purchase without having to interrupt their checkout process. 

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6.  Enable ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ recommendations on thank you page

Post-purchase, shoppers have a high intent of being associated with your brand. With the right offer and recommendation, they may even make another purchase from your brand sooner than you think!

Display a recommendation widget on your thank you page to display products to shoppers and nudge them for another purchase. The ideal recommendation widget for this page would be ‘Inspired by Your Browsing History’. Shoppers would see products similar to what they were looking at, giving them new options to browse from.

Pro-tip: When setting up recommendations on the thank you page, ensure that you have also added a free shipping offer to make the deal even sweeter!

Wiser integrates with ReConvert, an app designed to help merchants create their thank you page.

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Increase Your Average Order Value With Product Recommendations

We hope these product recommendation strategies help you increase your AOV and improve your store’s conversions. As an online store, you need to create opportunities to sell more to your store visitors. The best way to do this is with personalized product recommendations. By displaying recommendations, shoppers will be shown items they are likely to be interested in, nudging them to add more items to their cart and ensuring fewer drop-offs. 

With Wiser, you can set up an AI-powered personalized product recommendation engine on your Shopify store. The Shopify app is built to help Shopify merchants display high-converting recommendations based on personalized details like browsing history. Many brands that have used Wiser have seen an 18% increase in revenue.

Install Wiser to display personalized product recommendations on your Shopify store.

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