How general necessity Shopify stores can help customers make informed purchases during COVID-19

While retail businesses falling under the category of non-essentials are seeing a revenue hit of 75%, those in the general necessities and health sector, are seeing a spike in the traffic and sales on their online stores.

Considering how the lockdown across the world isn’t going to open any time soon and how consumers will choose to purchase online, instead of the brick and mortar stores, retailers need to brace themselves for a change in purchase behavior.

What we’re pointing towards is the panic-shopping that most of us are doing right now.

We hear the news and we act on it. Be it stocking it up on food, medicines or other general day-to-day necessities, we’re trying to add as many products to our cart as possible.

In some cases, this impulse shopping is helping us remain better prepared for days to come. But in other cases, we often end up purchasing something we don’t even need or something doesn’t match our expectations and sometimes not being able to decide between products to make an informed purchase.

Either way, we end up blaming the retailer in one way or the other.

Imagine not being able to purchase the right health supplement when you need it the most – bummer!

That’s why, in this post, we’re sharing the little things you can do to help customers buy the right things even as they do panic-shopping.

Helping customers make informed purchases on your Shopify store 

1. Use product labels to highlight must-haves 

There are certain items that most of your customer segments absolutely need to purchase right now. But don’t depend on their search to find those products on your store. Instead, point these shoppers to them by using simple product labels.

Take for instance a shopper comes in to purchase hand sanitizers. While they’ll go search for the product directly, you should also highlight how they need to buy tissues too. Now being too pushy is out of the question in these circumstances. So you can do this by showcasing the most-purchased items during this period with ‘must-have’ product labels.

Ps. Adding product labels to the items you’re selling is not tough at all and we’re here to help. Get a FREE makeover by ModeMagic today

2. Display product recommendations based on search 

The one thing that we’re all doing right now, is purchasing products as they come to our mind. While we’d all prefer buying everything in one go, with everything else happening around us, we tend to miss out on a few items every time.

Be a brand that helps such shoppers get everything in place in one visit. While you want to increase repeat purchases, now might be the time to shift your focus to increase your average order value instead.

So when a shopper comes looking for disinfecting soap, make sure you display other product recommendations based on their search.

product recommendations - general necessities

Ps. Adding product recommendations across your Shopify store pages is really easy with apps like WISER.  

3. Offer support on live chat 

Another good tactic to follow right now is implementing a live chat on your Shopify store. Consumers have more questions than ever. No matter how well-written your product descriptions are, they’re going to have questions that will help them make an informed purchase.

For instance, if your store has different forms of Vitamin C supplement available, they’re going to want to know what suits them the best. By offering a live chat, you can help them pick the one that is best suited for their needs.

Ps. You can set up a live chat and automate some of the conversations using apps like Tidio.

4. Keep them informed about shipping and delivery 

Everyone wants to get their necessary stocks in place. Some have bigger families and some are living alone. Either way, they don’t want to make unnecessary trips to public places for items they could have purchased online. But ‘when’ they need these products is also an important criterion.

So make sure that when you’re accepting orders, you’re also displaying an estimate on the shipping and delivery of those items. It will help them plan things better and in some cases, choose another store to buy from and that’s okay. Right now is all about helping your customers!

order delivery date increase conversions

Ps. With apps like Order Delivery Date, you can let customers even choose their package delivery date and time as per their convenience.

Pro tip: Also provide the functionality for a shopper to subscribe to shipping and delivery updates on web push, SMS, email and Messenger. 

5. Display on-site, live sales popup notifications 

One consumer purchase behavior that hasn’t changed as much as seeking out other offers before making a purchase. They want to know if they can find a store that is offering a discount on a bulk purchase of hand sanitizers, for instance. But in their zeal to get a deal, they often end up not getting the products they need.

It’s a good idea to create a sense of urgency on your site. By displaying live sales popup notifications, you can subtly let the shoppers know that the products might go out of stock soon.

Ps. You can set up live sales popup notifications using apps like SalesPop. The app also offers a countdown timer. So if you’re running exclusive discounts right now, you can use that too!

6. Share how you’re doing your best to prevent COVID-19 spread 

This one tactic is especially important as consumers become more and more sceptical about interacting with businesses – even online.

They want to be doubly sure that you have a hygienic process in place at all stages of the product they intend to buy from you. Right from manufacture to shipping and delivery! And it’s only obvious, given the circumstances.

To do this, create a custom page that shares how you’re doing everything recommended by health authorities to deliver hygienic products to the consumer doorstep. Make sure you clearly mention the best practices you’re following, who they were approved by and ask for feedback, in case you missed something.

Ps. Creating a page to share your COVID-19 response will take you minutes if you use apps like PageFly and Shogun. Their ready-to-use and editable templates are a handy feature right now!   

Sailing through COVID-19 together! 

We’re all doing our bit when it comes to staying safe. But now is the time to also offer support to each other in the Shopify community, so that we all sail through these tough times with minor dents in the business!

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