6 hacks to make your cart recovery text messages convert

Setting up a smart cart recovery strategy is one of the first things that a merchant does when their store starts growing and as they acquire more traffic. With cart abandonment rates as high as 71.39%, you can’t avoid it!

However, using smart text marketing tactics, cart recovery is easier, especially with the kind of engagement that SMS usually receives. With an open rate of 98%, SMS is a highly visible marketing channel. The TxtCart app powers your SMS marketing strategy, allowing you to send campaigns, set up automated cart recovery messages, and maximize SMS as a channel.

When setting up cart recovery text messages on the SMS marketing app, you can increase their conversions with these nifty hacks:

6 Cart Recovery Text Messages Hacks for Higher Conversions

1. Use Urgency

You need to build a fear among your shoppers that they may miss out on the items they had their eye on. When crafting your cart recovery text messages, add urgency within the message to drive this fear home. Urgency lets the shopper know that they will lose out a specific offer or item, by using words that create that fear. This tactic is sure to get shoppers to act faster and checkout their abandoned cart successfully.
Here are some phrases you can use within your SMS copy to illicit urgency and increase clicks:

  • Don’t miss out!
  • Limited offer!
  • The clock is ticking!
  • Checkout your cart before it’s gone!
  • Expiring soon!

2. Personalize the message

When writing your SMS copy, you can pepper in some personalized language to the message to increase engagement. Since shoppers may not be aware of or may have forgotten what they abandoned, mentioning the product name is a great way to remind them. Moreover, by addressing the shopper directly with their name, you can add a personal touch and capture the shopper’s attention better.

You can do this by adding the product name and customer name parameters within your message when creating your cart recovery campaign.

3. Use CTA words to elicit quicker action

Your text messages need to guide shoppers to take a certain action. CTA or ‘Call to Action’ words will do this for you, leading your shoppers to take the next step after reading the message.

So, once you’ve framed the first part of the copy and added context about the product itself, you can use CTA words like ‘Checkout now’ or ‘Act now!’ to get these shoppers to click and come back to their abandoned cart.

Note: Many CTA words use urgency like ‘now’ to build the urgency of taking action.

4. Human-powered text marketing

As a consumer, you are sure to know when you receive an automated message from a store you’ve subscribed to. It’s always apparent that these messages are sent by a machine, lacking any personalized elements that would actually make you receptive to it.

You can avoid this automated system within your text marketing by opting for a human-powered text marketing app. This way, your SMS is sent by real humans who will have a conversation with your shoppers and even interact with them further when they ask questions.

With TxtCart, you allow the process of recovering abandoned carts to be fully conversational. TxtCart’s live agents interact with the consumer to remind them of the abandoned cart, finding out why they abandoned, answering questions they may have, and tailoring the offer to convert the shopper by end of the conversation.

For instance, some shoppers might be looking for an additional discount. While others could be seeking free shipping. The only way to know what will make them complete the purchase is to interact with them!

Install TxtCart to set up human-powered text marketing and recover abandoned carts successfully.

5. Reflect your brand within your copy

When crafting your SMS copy, ensure that the message sounds like you. Oftentimes, many brands write copy that sounds salesy, without any of the brand’s personality reflected in it. When writing your copy, ensure that the tone sounds like you, whether it’s inspiring, hyper, or warm.

Showing who you are, even in such a short copy, is crucial to ensure that your messaging stays consistent and that shoppers can recognize your brand even without having to check the sender’s name.

6. Add an offer to make shoppers eager to come back

Many online brands add an offer within their cart recovery text messages to entice the shopper further. These messages include offers like free shipping, 10% off, or even double the loyalty points. If you have any discounts running on your Shopify store, you can add these to your cart recovery text messages to nudge your shoppers who come back to their abandoned carts.

By incentivizing shoppers, you will be able to better recover carts abandoned by them and make them eager to return to your store.

Ready to recover carts with high-converting text messages?

As an online store, you need to equip yourself with the best apps for your marketing strategies. TxtCart is built to help you engage and convert your subscribers better using SMS. With dedicated human-powered SMS technology and an easy to use dashboard, the app lets you set up SMS marketing in just minutes!

Install TxtCart to start recovering abandoned carts using SMS marketing.

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