16 Essential Shopify Apps For Fashion Stores

With so many fashion stores cropping up online, you need to stand out, whether this is with unique visual elements or personalized experiences. With Shopify, there’s very little limitation when you want to enable specific functionalities on your fashion store. The Shopify App Store has listed more than 4.2K apps, each with extensive feature sets. But, with so many apps to choose from, you may be wondering which are the essential Shopify apps for your fashion store.

We’re here to help. We’ve listed the required Shopify apps that every fashion store needs for different functionalities that you may want to enable, from personalization to visual enhancements to improved search.

Essential Shopify Apps for Fashion Stores

1. ModeMagic – Product Labels

Most fashion stores have a medium or large-sized catalog. Since your shoppers are usually browsing without a specific product in mind, they may need a few visual cues to nudge them to pick out a specific product. Product labels are the best way to add more personality to your product catalog and make your best products stand out. 

ModeMagic is one of the most essential Shopify apps for fashion stores, letting you add product labels to your product images. Using product labels, you can bring more attention to new products, products that are selling well, and featured items. These labels can even be customized to match your store’s look and design.

Here are some product labels perfect for fashion stores:

  • Best Selling

Show off products that are selling well by adding a ‘Bestseller’ product label.

  • Trending

Let shoppers know which of your products are in style by adding a ‘Trending’ product label to them.

  • Featured

If your product has been featured within magazines or publications, you can add a ‘Featured’ product label. You can even modify the label to add the magazine name. For instance, you can add ‘Featured in Vogue Magazine’ to add more credibility and wow your shoppers.

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2. ReConvert – Customized Thank You Page

Many stores see thank you pages as low priority but with the right strategies in place, this page is perfect to nurture leads, increase sales, and build a long-term relationship with your shoppers.

ReConvert allows you to optimize your thank you page. You can customize your thank you page using the app’s drag and drop interface. You can display upsell and cross-sell offers, display order tracking, allow direct reorder, and build a relationship with your shoppers.

As a fashion brand, you can customize your thank you page to display rewards earned and upsell items that will pair well with items that the shopper just purchased.

3. Avada Size Chart – Size chart

When selling online, fashion brands need to make details like sizing crystal clear. Each product page needs a sizing chart with accurate measurements. You can add a size chart using the Avada Size Chart app and provide an accurate guide to your product sizes.

 With a detailed sizing chart, you can lower your chances of losing shoppers due to sizing problems. The sizing chart can be customized with details based on your preferences, and even the design of your size chart can be customized.

4. Loox – Product Reviews

Just 1 product review can result in a 10% increase in sales. Displaying reviews on your product pages can help you increase trust in your fashion brand and make shoppers more willing to shop for your product. 

Using Loox, you can collect product reviews and display them on your product pages. The review widget can be customized to match your store design and you can even collect photo reviews to show shoppers what the item looks like in real life.

5. Trust Badge – Reassure shoppers about secure checkout

When shopping online, consumers are wary of sharing their payment details with an unknown store. In fact, one of the main reasons that shoppers abandon their cart or drop off a store is because they don’t trust the store with their details. By adding indicators and trust badges, you can let these shoppers know that you are a secure website and that their payment information is encrypted.

The Trust Badge app is a free Shopify app that lets you display a trust badge on your Shopify store and within your checkout page. This badge lets shoppers know that you accept secure payment methods with VISA, Mastercard, etc, and signals that their details will be safe. You can also add trust Badges with Modemagic, the Shopify product badges app mentioned earlier.

6. Instagram – Social Sales Channel

For fashion stores, one of the most important social media channels is Instagram, with its growing reach and visually driven content. Instagram lets merchants set up a ‘Shop’ tab on their profile, tag products within the images, and transform their feed into a shoppable profile.

For Shopify store owners, enabling these features is easy. You can install the Instagram app on your Shopify store to enable product tagging and add a ‘Shop’ tab on your profile. This way, shoppers through Instagram don’t have to spend time clicking to your website and searching for the product. Instead, they can just tap on the picture and see the tagged product and go directly to the product page.

7. Cameo Shoppable Instagram – Shoppable Instagram feed

Besides making it easier for shoppers to buy from your Instagram profile, you also need to give store visitors a peek at your personality. This can be done by embedding your Instagram feed on your Shopify store with the InstaPics app. The app lets you embed your Instagram feed and customize its look, providing social proof of your brand’s personality and credibility.

However, how can you make your Instagram feed more useful? Make it shoppable! Using Cameo, you can enable shopping directly within your Instagram feed. The Shopify app transforms your simple Instagram feed into a shoppable feed so that shoppers can view your images and shop the products featured within it.

This feature is especially helpful for fashion brands that share user-generated images on their Instagram profile.

8. Back in Stock – Capture stockout interest and understand demand

Stockouts are a huge issue for many fashion brands, hindering sales for the merchant, and creating a negative experience for the shopper. You can recover sales lost to stockouts by enabling a Back in Stock automation that captures subscribers on your stocked out products and sends them a message when the item is back in stock.

You can set up these alerts with the Back in Stock app. This Shopify app lets you set up a subscription widget, enable multiple communication channels, and customize your in-stock message to subscribed shoppers.

Besides capturing the interest for stocked out products, you can also use this app to capture demand for upcoming flash sales. You can add a product page for a soon-to-be-released product and let shoppers subscribe to it. Based on this, you can understand how shoppers will respond to the new launch and how many shoppers will buy the item when it launches.

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9. Tidio – Live Chat

From sizing questions to refund worries— online shoppers have just as many questions as a shopper in a physical store does. You can easily cater to their questions by enabling live chat on your Shopify store.

Set up live chat with Tidio. The Shopify store lets you set up auto-responses for automated chat replies and lets shoppers ask questions to your team. With live chat, your shopper can clear any doubts they have, making them more confident about purchasing from you. 

10. Wiser – Personalized Recommendations

When shoppers are browsing your store, they need to be nudged to continue viewing your products. Product recommendations, placed at the right parts of your Shopify store, can effectively engage store visitors, increase time spent on your store, and even bring in higher sales.

35% of Amazon’s sales are attributed to their recommendation engine.

You too can set up a personalized product recommendation engine on your Shopify store with Wiser. Wiser lets you set up recommendation widgets like ‘New Arrivals’, ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’, and ‘Recently Viewed Products’ to display relevant recommendations to shoppers to get them to successfully make a purchase.

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11. Flits – Personalized Customer Account

The customer account page set up by Shopify does its job but isn’t customizable. As a fashion brand, you’re sure to have a personality for your store. You can easily customize your customer account and reflect your brand through it with Flits.

Flits is a Shopify app that lets you customize your customer account page and provide a unique and personalized experience to shoppers. Using the app, you can customize the design of the customer account, add wishlists, and let shoppers reorder directly from the customer account page.

12. EVM Lookbook – Lookbook

Many fashion stores add a lookbook on their website to let shoppers browse through their products in an easy manner. Lookbooks let shoppers visualize the product and how to style it. While lookbooks are commonly seen in magazines, you can easily bring this feature to your fashion store.

EVM Lookbook is a Shopify app that you can use to set up lookbooks on your Shopify store, customize the lookbook design according to your preferences, and set it up on different parts of your store. What’s more, you can even create your lookbook in such a way that shoppers can buy directly from the lookbook. 

Essential shopify apps - EVm

13. PageFly – Custom Page Builder

If you’re building landing pages or unique content on your Shopify store, the basic page creator on Shopify falls short of the features you may need. You need a Shopify app that lets you build custom pages. 

PageFly allows merchants to build a page from scratch using their drag and drop interface. The Shopify app comes equipped with all the features and elements you need to build an interactive and optimized landing page, whether it’s a quiz for your shoppers to pick their style or a fun guide for them to read.

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14. Omnisend – Multi-Channel Marketing

Communicating your store visitors is crucial to bring them back to your store, grow your sales, and increase repeat purchases. With multiple marketing channels available, we would suggest choosing an integrated multi-channel marketing app.

This is why Omnisend will be perfect for you! Using this essential Shopify app, you can promote your fashion brand using email, SMS, Facebook, web push etc. The app lets you set up automated workflows to welcome shoppers, recover carts, and confirm and update shoppers about their orders. This all-in-one marketing platform will help you manage all your marketing requirements with ease.

15. Pinterest – Social Sales Channel 

Pinterest is the perfect place for fashion brands to sell. With so many shoppers curating their perfect wardrobes and with direct shopping functionality, selling on Pinterest is the smart thing to do. The average order value of sales that come from Pinterest is $50.

Pinterest Sales Channel is available on the Shopify App Store. Using the app, you can add your product catalog to Pinterest, grow your organic reach, run ads on Pinterest, and attract new audiences.

16. Carro – Influencer Marketing

Many fashion stores run influencer partnerships. However, with little data on influencer marketing and without a process in place, many brands often spend more money for little ROI. However, with the right influencer marketing strategy in place, you can rake in a lot of revenue just from one influencer.

Carro is a Shopify app that lets you manage an influencer marketing dashboard, tracking your influencer activities and monitoring the revenue brought in through each influencer. 

essential shopify apps

Increase sales on your fashion store with these essential Shopify apps!

We hope this list helped you set up essential Shopify apps for your fashion store.

When you set up your Shopify store, the most important part of your fashion store is the visual style. With a large catalog, you may find that a lot of shoppers browse through your products without paying too much attention. By adding product labels to unique or noteworthy products, you can improve engagement on your fashion store and increase conversions.

ModeMagic is built to help merchants set up product labels on your products and add a visually striking element to your Shopify store. Using the app, you can get shoppers to notice new styles, staff picks, bestsellers, and other products to increase Shopify sales.

Set up ModeMagic on your fashion store to increase conversions.

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