Essential Shopify Apps Checklist When Setting Up Your Restaurant Online

When taking your restaurant online, it’s important to pick the right eCommerce platform to provide a great experience to your shoppers. Shopify is one of the most flexible and robust platforms to choose from. The ecosystem allows you to work with experts to customize your online restaurant, add essential Shopify apps for specific functionalities, and design your website according to your needs. 

With this blog, we’ll help you pinpoint the 16 essential Shopify apps you need to set up your restaurant online. 

16 Essential Shopify Apps for Food Businesses

1. ModeMagic

When shoppers are browsing a website, they are only skimming through the information on the webpage. You need to grab their interest with eye-catching visuals on your website. One way to do this is with product labels. Using product labels, you can highlight different aspects of your menu. You can let patrons know which items are popular, what specials you have, which items are gluten-free, etc.

You can enable product labels using ModeMagic. With this Shopify app, you can edit labels on the go, changing your restaurant’s ‘Specials’ and adding new labels as you require. Here are 7 product labels you can start with:

  • Specials: Highlight your special menu items and give them a much-needed boost for your online patrons.

essential shopify apps

  • Gluten-Free: Highlight your gluten-free items and allow patrons with a gluten allergy to order without any worries.

essential shopify apps

  • Dairy-Free: Allow shoppers with dietary restrictions to order items with this product label.

essential shopify apps

  • Sugar-Free: Highlight your sugar-free items and make it easier for patrons to pick healthier options.

  • Contains Peanuts: Inform patrons about items with peanuts. Such a product label can be helpful for allergic patrons to stay safe.

  • Vegan: Let your patrons know which items on your menu are vegan, making it easier for patrons looking for vegan options to order from you. 

essential shopify apps

  • Contains Gluten: If you usually have gluten-free items on your menu, you can add a label that highlights items with gluten so that your patrons can avoid it if they are particular.

2. Bold Bundles

Want to provide combos for your patrons? Combos can help you sell more since they market your bundled meals for a discounted price.  You can enable this feature on your online restaurant with Bold Bundles. Using this, your shoppers can order a full meal, allowing them to customize their orders as per their preferences. 

You can enable bundling to promote your combos and increase your AOV. When setting up this feature, ensure that you’ve set up this option for all your mains like pasta, burger, pizza, etc.

3. Recipe Kit

Many restaurants publish recipes in an attempt to boost their website’s search engine ranking and attract new patrons. You can enable recipes on your blog with Recipe Kit. The Shopify app allows you to display content that is structured exactly like recipes. 

These recipes can be designed and customized with the colors and styles that match your site. What’s more, you can enable auto-translation so that your patrons can view the recipes in the language of their choice.

4. Foodee

As a restaurant, your patrons should be able to pick up their orders with ease or even get their orders delivered locally. Set up a food order management dashboard on your Shopify store. With the Foodee app, you can schedule store pickups, local deliveries, and understand how shoppers prefer getting their orders.

The app allows you to provide your patrons with options on when they want to pick up their order or even when they want to schedule their deliveries. The date and time picker simplify the experience of ordering for patrons and gives them control over when they receive the order. Moreover, you can also mark your restaurant as closed so that you don’t receive orders out of open hours.

5. Nutrition Facts

If you attract health-conscious shoppers, you can make it easier for them to eat healthier with a ‘Nutrition Facts’ feature on your menu. With this, consumers can be better informed about your food items and be able to place orders more confidently. Such a feature is especially important to help you stay credible and make your patrons trust you. 

The Nutrition Facts Shopify app is built for this need. You can customize the table according to the facts and numbers. 

6. Bold Product Options

Oftentimes, patrons want to be able to customize the items they order. Some may want a specific vegetable while others may have specific ingredients they want to avoid. Whichever the case, you can allow them to customize the item using Bold Product Options. This Shopify app allows your shoppers to customize their orders. Whether it’s pizza toppings or add-ons for your burgers, this app makes it possible to personalize the order.

The app also comes in handy if you allow shoppers to build their own items from scratch like Subway.

Essential Shopify Apps for Store Conversions and Optimizations

7. Wiser 

Enable recommendations on your product pages so that your patrons are less likely to drop off your site. Wiser allows you to set up personalized recommendations like ‘Related Items’, ‘Inspired By Your Browsing’, and ‘Recently Viewed Items’. With these AI-powered recommendations, you can show relevant items to your patrons, keep them on your site for longer, and ensure they end up placing an order.

What’s more, Wiser is free to install and enable until you earn $50 from the recommendations, allowing you to generate revenue without any costs!

8. Judge.me

Your patrons want to know whether you serve quality food. Show how other shoppers respond to your food by displaying reviews. One of the most essential Shopify apps, Judge.me allows you to set up reviews on your site, collect reviews from past purchasers, and display them on your site for new patrons to view. 

With reviews, you can show how credible you are and build trust. This would make your patrons more confident to order from you.

9. Privy

A large number of site visitors leave a website without placing an order. Apps like Privy let you display a pop-up to capture visitors at the exit intent. This can help you lower the number of visitors you lose, giving you an opportunity to later re-engage them and bring them back for a purchase.

10. ReConvert

Once your shoppers place an order, they are shown a generic thank you page. Ensure that this thank you page is customized to your restaurant by using ReConvert. This Shopify app allows you to customize the thank you page. You can display specific messages, allow shoppers to review your restaurant, and even upsell other items on your menu.

A customized thank you page lets you take advantage of this page, engaging the new shopper and building a relationship with them.

11. Flits

As a restaurant, you want your patrons to reorder from you frequently. Nudge your shoppers to return to your site and build loyalty by providing them a personalized experience. You can do this by enabling a personalized customer account on your online restaurant using Flits. With the app, you can allow shoppers to view their past orders, what they last looked at, items on their wishlist, and even make it easier to reorder, with just the click of a button. 

Besides this, Flits allows you to reward your shoppers with credits, incentivizing them to place more orders and motivating them to come back for another purchase.

12. RevTap

As an online business, you need to be able to understand how your business is performing. RevTap is a Shopify app that allows business owners to understand exactly which menu items are selling well, which items are abandoned in the cart, and which items are least ordered.

Using the app, you can analyze how your patrons flow through the website, understand how your marketing campaigns perform, and optimize your strategy accordingly.

Essential Shopify Apps for Store Marketing and Communication

13. SMSBump

As a restaurant business, one of the channels you need to set up is SMS. Since orders placed on your restaurant are usually delivered or picked up within 60 minutes of ordering, SMS can help you communicate with your shoppers during that time. This can be an automated SMS about the order being picked up for delivery or being ready for pickup.

Apps like SMSBump allow you to set up SMS as a communication channel. You can use their ‘Automations’ feature to enable automated transactional SMS and keep your patrons informed. Besides SMS about order updates, you can also send marketing messages about a discount on your restaurant, online ‘happy hour’, or highlight ‘Specials’ for the week.

14. ActiveCampaign

Emails are one of the oldest but still the most impactful marketing channel. Using emails, you can bring back customers, confirm orders, and nudge your patrons to place orders. As a restaurant, you can enable email marketing to engage your patrons and build a relationship with them.

ActiveCampaign is a Shopify app for email marketing. You can send beautifully designed emails, provide positive customer experiences, and send highly personalized messages to your shoppers. 

15. Recart

Facebook Messenger is a powerful channel, with more than 1.3 billion users globally. The channel is being used more by businesses to communicate with their shoppers effectively. In fact, 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month.

You can set up Facebook Messenger for better communication by enabling Recart. Recart is a Shopify app built for Facebook Messenger Marketing. You can set up chatbots to assist your patrons with their orders, set up automated messages to be sent when a cart is abandoned, and promote your online business to an already active community.

16. RetargetApp

Once you have your restaurant setup, you also need to be able to market yourself online, build brand awareness, and lower abandonment. Retargeting ads allow you to bring back patrons. You can target shoppers who search for your restaurant online, spent time on your site without ordering, and even those who added items to cart but didn’t checkout. 

You can set up RetargetApp to set up high-converting Facebook ads to increase sales and lower abandonment. Moreover, the app also allows you to bring back past purchasers and increase return rates.

Ready to set up Shopify for your restaurant online?

We hope this list helps you set up your restaurant online and find ways to convert your patrons better. As you take your business online, it’s crucial to set up a site that is designed with the visual elements that help shoppers browse items quickly and find what they are looking for. This is where product labels help. You can use labels to draw attention to specific items on your menu and ensure your shoppers don’t miss out on Specials. 

ModeMagic is build to help you enable visual indicators on your menu items and set up an online restaurant that engages new visitors and converts them better. 

Set up ModeMagic on your restaurant’s website and increase conversions.

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