Corona proof your Shopify store sales

COVID-19 has slowed down everything around us – especially if you have an online store. With so many restrictions imposed by the government to keep the pandemic in check, there’s only little that we can do. So we found some tips to help you Corona-proof your Shopify store sales.

A survey last week found that about 47% of businesses have been impacted negatively in terms of the sales they are generating. In fact, 7% of them have already given up on marketing.

It’s true, many eCommerce stores are seeing their sales falling and are worried about the trend going further down in the near future.

Panic mode on? Hold on.

coronaproof your shopify store sales

If you look at history, every situation always has a different side to it – a more positive side.

There’s indeed a silver lining to all this madness. We’re zooming into the future of work, today.

More and more people are working remotely. They are saving on commute times, which means there is more “ME” time! And eCommerce will become the de facto alternative to a mall or shop.  More opportunities for you to grab your customer’s attention around what you offer, build your brand, and build engagement. And we all know what an engaged consumer means more sales!

So instead of stressing, this is the time to plan ahead and as preachy as it may sound – it’s the time to prepare your Shopify store for more sales!

There are many ways to achieve this, but we’ve curated 4 Fail-Proof Steps you can implement to not only maintain your sales but also give it a boost.

4 Steps to Corona Proof Your Shopify Store Sales

1) Don’t stop your ads!

In fact, spend more.  14% of businesses are moving more of their marketing budget to online ads. With people getting bored at their homes, there’s already a trend of spending much more time on social media channels like Fb, Insta, etc. Use these channels for ads and curb their boredom with some great content & e-tail therapy. 🙂

Make great attractive ads that stand out and entice customers to click.

Recommended apps: RetargetApp (for retargeting on Facebook and Instagram), ROI Hunter (for FB & Google Ads) 

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2) Makeover your store!

Now that you have more exciting ads and content, a customer clicked on one of those ads and landed on your store. What do they see?

Is it the same look and feel like all other stores? Is it boring? ‘Meh, I’m enough bored for a lifetime to get bored again.’

Don’t fall into this trap.

Upgrade your store’s look and feel, not just with great “looking” content but also with clarity of communication, What you sell and how you sell, matters. Here are a few battle-tested pointers that will make them go “Wow!” –

  • Your hero banner should showcase what you sell. Around 20% of people lose interest by just looking at the store’s hero image or hero banner. Don’t use carousels.. although it’s a norm now, they make your customers lose their focus from what you’re trying to sell. Make the hero a single and high-quality image or GIF which shows-off your products in a flattering way and excites customers.
  • Your theme, hero image, and logo should jam well together.  Consistency is key. Otherwise, your store will look cluttered. And don’t we all get de-focused and overwhelmed when we see clutter? Clutter makes your customers lose focus and that’s not what we want, do we?
  • Use high-quality images with awesome backgrounds that enhance your products. The last – but possibly the most important thing your customers notice is your product catalog. More than half of the users drop off here if the quality of your products does not shine through.
  • Make your product catalog more than just photoshoots – they should give interesting details about the product or your store through great visuals attracting your customers and leading them to check out the product in more detail.

corona proof your store 2

3) Create #fomo and urgency!

After that quick makeover in step 2, your store is starting to look pretty stand-out and interesting.

But is a good-looking store enough? A good looking store alone does not drive higher sales…  but, guess what, creating urgency does!

Product labels like Limited Offer, Trending Now, Buy Now Goes Fast, Back In Stock, etc. create FOMO (fear of missing out) among your customers which will make them take quicker buying decisions.. and you get more sales too. It’s a win-win! As an added advantage, it makes your customers feel like they are interacting with the store owner directly.

For example with a 20% OFF TODAY product label users feel like the store-owner is personally telling them “M’am, I can get you a special 20% off on this pair of shoes,  just for today”. For a shoe lover like me, that offer is retail nirvana 😀

Recommended app: ModeMagic

4) Add social proof for higher credibility!

As a customer, I’m sure you’ve looked for social proof about a product’s authenticity and look before making a purchase. Your customers are no different. What you can do smarter than other store owners though, is Instead of letting them google about products on your store, make their work easier by including testimonials on your site.

A lot of apps out there help you display popups on your store such as ‘Brenda bought nail art stickers’ That can be pretty engaging too.

Recommended app: Fera Social Proof.

Prepare for Digital Future

From 1 to 4, these steps will help corona proof your Shopify store sales and also be ready for the fast-approaching 100% digital future.

Oh, and before you go, did I mention that at ModeMagic, we’re hosting a limited-episode WebSeries where our Shopify Experts will transform 10 lucky stores worldwide from a regular online store to a conversion-first store?

Stay Fabulous. Stay Healthy. The future is yours!

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