Complete Guide to Using Trust Badges And Labels

With more consumers moving their shopping online and with increasing online fraud, online consumers want assurance of trust and safety. How do they know your Shopify store can be trusted among the thousands of stores online? This is where Shopify trust badges and labels help.

By adding trust badges and labels on your store, you can indicate to shoppers about the standards of your safety, let them know crucial information, and increase conversions. In this blog, we’ll get into what Shopify trust badges are, why they are effective, and the different kinds of trust badges and labels you can add to your Shopify store.

What are Shopify Trust Badges?

A trust badge on an eCommerce site is a symbol that indicates that the site is safe and trustworthy. The badge may display security like badges that assure shoppers about safe checkout. 

Other kinds of trust badges include badges that let shoppers know about the product’s quality like ‘Awarded by Nutrition Experts’ or ones that assure shoppers about certain ingredients like ‘Gluten-Free’.

Such badges allow you to assure trust without the shopper having to search for information about your store’s quality or safety. 

Trust badges: Why and how to use them to build trust amongst shoppers 

You may be wondering, is it worth spending time adding Shopify trust badges on your store? The short answer is yes. The long answer includes a few statistics to show the impact of trust badges on a store’s sales.

Statistics on the Impact of Trust Badges on Conversions and Sales

Trust badges inform the shopper that the brand is trustable. 85% of UK online shoppers alone actively search for trust signs to ensure online stores are secure. Once they see such a badge, they would be able to proceed with their shopping and purchase your products confidently.

With trust badges, shoppers who don’t often buy online will easily be able to verify the brand. These badges have proven to even increase conversion rates by up to 40%

Many top eCommerce brands add trust badges to their store to inform new store visitors One A/B test on the sign-up page found that the page with the trust badge saw a 42% increase in sales as compared to pages without the trust badge.

Why Trust Seals/ Badges can Make or Break your Shopify Sales 

69% of carts are abandoned. One of the reasons for this is the lack of trust. Almost 20% of shoppers said that they don’t trust the site with their credit card information. Without trust badges, shoppers won’t know which payment gateways are available nor about any of your safety certifications. They would end up abandoning their cart, choosing not to shop from you altogether.

Why Trust Seals/ Badges can Make or Break your Shopify Sales

With trust seals and badges, you can assure shoppers about your safety and increase conversions.

Trust badges on product pages also make a difference. With such badges, shoppers can get instant information about your products, whether it’s ‘Gluten-free’, or ‘Award-winning’. Seeing such credible badges will make them check out the product quicker.

3 Types of Shopify Trust Badges that Increase your Conversions

You can add 3 kinds of trust badges on your Shopify store:

1. Product badges providing information

Inform shoppers about the product and any crucial details about it with a product label added to the product. This way, shoppers won’t have to click on a product for more details about it. Instead, they just have to view the product catalog to learn more about each product’s important details.

For instance, if you sell food products, you can add product badges like ‘Vegan-friendly’ and ‘Gluten-free’ to instantly build trust among shoppers looking for such products.

You can easily add a trust badge on Shopify product pages with the ModeMagic Product Labels app.

2. Checkout badges ensuring payment safety

With a large number of shoppers abandoning their cart due to safety concerns, you need to be able to assure them about your store’s security with trust badges on your checkout page. Add badges displaying secure payment gateways like VISA, PayPal, and Stripe to show shoppers that you are using only secure payment methods. 

Apps like Modemagic, Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb or the TrustedSite app allow you to add badges about payment safety on your Shopify store’s checkout. You can also insert an image within the badges via the Checkout customization page within your Shopify dashboard settings.

3. Third-party endorsement badges showing credibility 

Shoppers want to know that your store is one of the best in the industry. With such validation, they will be able to proceed shopping from you and even come back for repeat purchases. Show awards you’ve won, publications you’ve been featured in, and any certificates you have on your homepage.

You can add such endorsement badges as logos or certification stamps within your store’s homepage. 

How to Add Trust Badges to your Shopify Store in 2020

The way you add trust badges on your store depends on where and what kind of badges you want to display.

How to Add Trust Badge on Shopify Product Page

You can easily add trust badges on your Shopify store’s products. Using ModeMagic, you can indicate trust on specific products. Here’s how you can get started with trust badges on your products:

  1. Install the ModeMagic app on your Shopify store.
  2. Once installed, start adding product labels
  3. Select the product to which you want to add the label to.
  4. Add the label to the product image.
  5. Click ‘Save’.

You have successfully added a product badge to your store!

How to Add Shopify Checkout Page Trust Badges

You can add trust badges on the Shopify checkout page with apps like this Free Trust Badge app. Alternatively, you can also directly add images to your Checkout page via your Theme editor. These images can be designed with payment and security badges.

10 Types of Product Trust Badges and Labels

Adding product trust badges and labels can allow you to better inform your shoppers, making them trust your store as they browse your product catalogs. Your product trust badges will appear on top of your product image like stickers so that it is highly visible to your store visitor. 

Here are 10 types of product trust badges and labels you can add to your Shopify store to instantly grab shopper approval:

1. Vegan

Some shoppers will only shop products that are made using vegan ingredients. Add a ‘Vegan’ product label to products so that shoppers with such preferences can find these products easily.

Vegan Product Label

2. Cruelty-Free

Inform shoppers about the ethical ways your product is manufactured with a ‘Cruelty-Free’ badge added to your products. This will appeal to shoppers who are specific about these needs.

cruelty free badge

3. As Seen On

Build credibility with a badge on products that have been featured on publications, TV shows, etc. Add a product label like ‘As Seen On Cosmo’ on products so that shoppers are compelled to click on and check out the product.

As Seen on cosmo product label

4. Award-Winning

Has your product ever won an award? Boast about it with a product label that instantly lets shoppers know. Add an ‘Award-winning’ product label to products that have won awards. Don’t forget to add a paragraph within the product page, giving details about the award won.

shopify product label - award winning

5. Gluten-Free

With allergies, many shoppers are worried about gluten in the products they shop for. Add a product label informing them about products that are gluten-free so that they can pick products that suit their requirements.

gluten free shopify product label

6. Contains Gluten

Alternatively, if you have many gluten-free products with a few gluten items, you can omit the ‘Gluten-Free’ labels and add a label only on products that do contain gluten. This way, shoppers just need to skip out on products with gluten and focus on ones that are free of this ingredient.

contains gluten product badge

7. Only Natural Ingredients 

If you are selling food and drink products, shoppers would be particular about each products’ ingredients and whether they use artificial ingredients. Add a label like ‘Only Natural Ingredients’ so that shoppers with this preference can find products that are natural.

Only Natural Ingredients Product Label

8. Pet-Friendly

Shoppers with pets are always worried that any small product they shop will be eaten or swallowed by their pets. Add a ‘Pet-Friendly’ label that assures shoppers that the product is safe enough to not harm their pets.

Pet Friendly product label

9. No Toxins

Do you sell crayons or other such products that are known to have toxins added to them? You can inform shoppers about your product’s safety standards with a ‘No Toxins’ product label. Such labels ensure that you don’t miss shoppers looking for products similar to what you sell.

no toxins product label

10. COVID Safety

Are you selling certain products specifically for COVID requirements? Or are manufacturing products specifically during this time with high safety standards? Add a product label named ‘COVID Safety’ so that shoppers can quickly find these products and make a purchase.

Covid Safety Product Label

4 Must-Have Shopify Checkout Page Trust Badges

When setting up trust badges on your Shopify checkout page, here are 4 kinds of checkout trust badges you can add to ensure shoppers can scan security details quickly.

You can add trust badges on your Checkout page by within your Shopify dashboard settings. You can add these badges as images here.

1. Secure checkout

Give your shoppers proof that you are a secure site with a badge that visually informs shoppers about your high-security standards. 

Sofa Lovers is a furniture brand that added a ‘Trusted Site’ badge on their Shopify store. This shows the badge on the store’s page at all times, ensuring shoppers don’t miss it.

Trusted Site Badge for Shopify Store

Amazon shows a ‘Purchase Protection’ badge on their cart to assure shoppers about their security.

Purchase Protection badge

2. List of payment gateways

Shoppers want transparency about the payment methods before they start the checkout process. They don’t want to start checking out only to find that they can’t make a payment. Show your payment gateways as trust badges on the checkout page to easily build trust. 

Good American has added a ‘Payment Methods Accepted’ widget on their checkout so shoppers can see if their preferred payment method is available.

payment methods accepted labels

3. Trust seals from security softwares

Show different security certifications you have received on your Shopify store. This third-party approval will make shoppers even more willing to shop from you rather than just adding a generic security seal.

guaranteed safe checkout badges for shopify store

4. Free shipping and returns

Give shoppers quick information about your store’s shipping and return policy. Add badges or even widgets that tell shoppers how long they are eligible for return and pricing for delivery.

Stores like ASOS show two widgets with information about their free delivery and easy return.

Shipping or Easy Returns Badges for shopify store

5 Types of Third-Party Endorsement Badges

When adding endorsement badges, there are different kinds that you can choose from. Whether you want to show your quality with certifications or want to show how popular you are by informing shoppers about the publications that have written about you, you can choose between the different third-party endorsement badges you want to add to your store. Such a section can be added either to your storefront or to your ‘About’ page.

Here are 5 types of third-party endorsement badges you can add to your Shopify store:

1. Publication features

If you’ve been featured in big publications, you can use this to build your credibility. Showcase the different publications you’ve been featured in with a section on your ‘About’ page or even your storefront. 

Sans Faff showcased the different publications they were featured in with a minimal section on their storefront.

publication badges for shopify store

2. Sold in different locations

Inform your shoppers where your product is sold so that they can easily buy it in-store if they don’t want to shop online. ‘Sold in retail stores’ and other such sections can also help you show your credibility and popularity as a product.

Slate Milk, a chocolate milk brand showcases the different locations where their product is sold. This allows them to show how popular they are among the common public.

Sold in retail stores labels for shopify

3. As seen on section

Has your product been featured on TV? Have you debuted on shows like Shark Tank? Let your store visitors know and make them want to look at your products for longer. A section with logos of the different places your products have featured on can help you easily gain more brownie points from store visitors.

Kids Luv is a water brand that highlights the different publications and shows that it has featured on.

as seen in badges for shopify

Another brand, Bertello, added a signage on their online store that informs shoppers they were on Shark Tank.

as seen on shopify badges

4. Awards

Has your product won any awards? You must let your store visitors know! By seeing the different awards you’ve won, shoppers would feel compelled to buy your high-quality products.

Sweet Reason is a drink brand that was awarded ‘Best Premium Drink’. They added a badge on their storefront to ensure store visitors don’t miss out on this detail.

award badges for shopify

5. Certifications

If you sell cosmetic products or food items, it’s crucial to showcase the certifications you have acquired from health and safety authorities. Showcase the different certificates on your storefront and set up a specific page talking about the certifications you have received. This will surely make your shoppers choose your brand over your competitors.

Organic Riot shows the certifications they have received as a section of trust badges on their storefront.

certifications badges for shopify store

Using ModeMagic to add trust badges on your Shopify store

Trust badges on Shopify are crucial to help you build trust in your online store among your store visitors. Whether you want to indicate certain information about products, assure payment safety, or build credibility, trust badges on Shopify are the best way to do this.

However, we understand that trust badges on products will change as new products are added and old ones are removed from your Shopify store. Adding badges to products shouldn’t be hard! Using ModeMagic, you can easily add trust badges on Shopify to specific products and make changes as required. This Shopify app simplifies your work, ensuring you don’t have to edit the product image every time you want to add or change trust badges.

Install Modemagic and build trust on your Shopify store.

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